UniStrip Retail Test Strips 50

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Unistrip™ Blood Glucose Test Strips 50

Looking for an alternative to One Touch Ultra® test strips? UniStrip1™ blood glucose Test Strip is a leading GENERIC alternative to the OneTouch Ultra® glucose test strips featuring precise results at much lower costs.

Unistrip1™ test strips work with the OneTouch® Ultra®, OneTouch® Ultra®2, OneTouch® UltraSmart®, and OneTouch® UltraMini® meters saving the user test strips and money.

The capillary action automatically draws the blood sample into the test strip. Unistrip Test Strips are approved for alternate site testing. Our glucose oxidase technology allows for safer and more accurate results.

  • Accurate and fast results
  • Ideal for cash patients
  • Cost patients less than most managed care organizations' co-pays

***Please be sure to calibrate your One Touch® meter to 49 when using Unistrip1™ test strip***

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